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Suzhou C&J Marketing Software Co., Ltd. is a professional and largest software publisher located in Suzhou, China. We are a corporation which being considered as the protection of intellectual property of high-tech enterprise. Our goal is to bring global software and technologies on the growing Chinese market.

C&J’s sales network covers worldwide. We have independent online platform for each specific product. We aim to integrate customer’s demand and vendor’s profit, trying to developing the potential market. C&J’s concept is distinguished with traditional distributors; we are working at basis of creating win-win situation between the vendor and us, and consider the sustainable development as the very much important perspective.

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Product Manager

Sales Manager

Media Operational Manager

Job Requirements:

1. familiar with common computer project management tools and understanding of software, hardware, network basic principles;

2. has a certain project management skills, good at inter departmental communication and coordination of resources, have a good sense of teamwork;

3. excellent communication and coordination ability and strong execution ability;

4. have a strong sense of responsibility and have strong problem analysis and solution ability, are able to be responsible for project management;

5. software project management experiences are preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

1. responsible for the implementation of the company's software project implementation and deployment, participate in the project planning and scheduling, management and control, the development of specific project implementation plan;

2. responsible for the coordination of R & D, legal, BD and other departments, in a timely manner to deal with the various problems in the project;

3. supervise and confirm the project planning and operation management, ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated time;

4. responsible for the project team management.

Job Description:

1. responsible for the company's full line of product sales, planning, implementation, inspection, control and continuous improvement;;

2. the collection of potential customers in the regional market, the integration of customer resources, fully understand customer needs, coordinate the relevant departments to ensure that the performance of the sales contract;

3. mining potential customers, and for customers to develop business marketing programs, focus on customer relations;

4. according to the provisions of the contract signing, business collection, customer coordination;

5. customer relationship maintenance, to achieve continuous output.

Job Requirements:

1. bachelor degree or above, business administration, marketing, computer and other related major;

2. familiar with the sales process, love sales work;

3. more than 2 years of sales and customer maintenance experience, software sales experience is preferred;

4. have good customer mining ability; can be responsible for the promotion of sales projects and the whole process management.

Job Description:

1. responsible for the company's brand new media (micro-blog, the public, from the media, etc.) content writing, operations;

2. responsible for micro-blog, the public number, since the media and other accounts promotion;

3. responsible for the new media user resource management, activity planning and other activities to enhance the user's activity;

4. Research and Development Web front-end technology, rich Web interaction.

Job Requirements:

1. have a strong sensitivity of the hot spots, smell;

2. can be a good combination of hot events to enhance the spread of the article;

3. skilled use of public numbers and graphics layout tools, writing content requirements picture production;

4. there are micro-blog, the public number, from the media and other operators to give priority to the admission.

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