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Video Studio


Corel Inc. had offices in Beijing and Shanghai several years ago, but they closed them because of poor performance. At th- at time there was only one Corel Country Manager in Beijing. The sales volume was only 1100 units per year. After the operation by C&J Marketing, we have increased more than 10 times than the previous sales. We have made a lot of efforts regarding on promoting the software in Chinese Market.

What we have done:

■ Promote VideoStudio brand to users and make Video Studio associated with “Video Editing Software”;

■ Promote on search engine, Q&A platforms, SNS and download sites on the basis of sales website;

■ Create topics about Video Studio on top 10 IT information and software sites in China;

■ Online Pack training to provide customers with value-added services;

■ Organize Q&A and video tutorials based on problems and techniques encountered while using Video Studio;

■ Provide trainers who pass the exams with Corel Expert Certification.

■ Inform users about the risks of using cracked software and the benefits of using an official version;

■ Hotline customer support via toll-free , online IM, e-mails, onsite training and other means;




MindManager’s flexible mind maps promote freeform thinking and quick organization of ideas, so creativity and productivity can live in harmony. Capture ideas. Manage meetings. Create strategic plans. Organize anything.

After becoming the official reseller of MindManager in November 2014, the revenue has been 5-10 times as much as it used to be for one year. MindJet authorized us the right to set the suitable price especially for Chinese market. So the sales of 2015 have dramatically increased.


Parallels Desktop


After six months co-operation, the number of users has grown 200%. We promoted Parallels Desktop though our affiliate team and offline events combined. With our own-developed system, we largely keep track of the cracked versions of PD which are spreading online. We work efficiently to help vendor clear the piracy issue and maximize the profit to vendor




Structure the market and standardize the price level in Chinese market. With our specific business model and our capability, the sale volume has increase by 3 times within a year. The online piracy clearance ratio was increased from 62.5% till 86.1%, which largely help vendors to generate the profit of Bartender.

C&J marketing work together with Bartender to promote the products and legitimated version of the products. We keep focusing on maximizing the profit of vendor with our unique methods.




C&J marketing started to work with Xmind in 2015 and within the operation by C&J marketing, the ratio of online piracy clearance increased from 30% till 85%. The total sale within 15 months has been grown by 30 times. On 24th October 2015, C&J marketing organized the salon training for the users, and the specialist Mrs. Sissi Wu shared the tips with all the attendance.

C&J marketing focus on promoting the software though our affiliate team and also attaches great importance to union our customers to share the update information of the products. By doing so, it is a very important method to promote the image and brand of the vendor itself.


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